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Anji Chen Feng Technology Co. Ltd is  located in the "Chinese first Zhuxiang" Anji. Here, the beautiful  mountains and rivers, Wuhua Tianbao, have broad and profound bamboo culture and  the world's leading bamboo industry. Companies specializing in the production  of bamboo curtain, bamboo mat, bamboo cushion and bamboo carpets and other wood  products. Using high quality bamboo as raw material China Township, through the unique manufacturing process into modern popular bamboo products.
The bamboo curtain is a kind of new bamboo  products in recent years the development of new, used for sun shading  ventilation, indoor decoration, because the product installation and easy to  clean, delicate process, since the products on the market, favored by  customers, widely used in the living room, the balcony, cafes, bars,  restaurants, hotels and other places.
Reviewing the past and looking to the  future, we will continue to do a solid foundation, accelerate the pace of  development, to the credibility of the quality, according to the credit  extension market, expanding the scale and efficiency, continue to provide  quality products and good reputation to serve new and old customer service.

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Bamboo blinds BC45

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